Hades is the ruler of death in Greek mythology. In Zeus’ division of dominion of the world, the sky falls to Zeus, the seas falls to Poseidon, and the underground falls to Hades. He is now the king of the realm of dead, however he is not evil. As all riches of the underground belong to Hades, Romans have renamed him Pluton, the affluent. His wife is Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Hades is also known as the god whose heart never softens to any plea, any offering, any sacrifice. While pitiless and dreadful, Hades also a god of his word, and not a capricious one, unlike many other gods. The most famous story about Hades is the one where he abducts his wife Persephone. Persephone becomes wife to Hades and goddess of the realm of dead, however none of her children are born from Hades. Falling into a deep sadness on abduction of her daughter, Demeter has neglected the nature and left its balance to break. Seeking to right his wrong, the gods have reached an understanding with Hades, making him agree to let Persephone spend her time aboveground, with her mother, outside the winter season. Thus, Persephone is associated with harvest as much as she is associated with the dead and the underground. When she is with her mother aboveground it is spring and summer, and when she is with Hades underground it is winter. As God of the Underground, Hades is also owner of all riches under the ground.

Live the miraculous story Hades who ignited the seasons with his hopeless love.

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