Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, was born from the foam on the sea. On a spring morning, the white foam on the shores of the Aegean Sea moves with a wave. When the wave breaks on the shore, Aphrodite, the beauty among beauties, emerges from a pearlescent seashell. His son Eros, the god of love, is also with her. As she walks on the beach many colours of magnificent flower bloom after her steps. Horas, the goddesses of time, find her, garb her in diaphanous fabrics, braid her long hair, and place a golden crown on her head, just like her name.


Aphrodite scatters seeds of love over men and gods alike, sometimes giving them endless bliss, and sometimes the pain of love. However, not only men and gods, but also the entire nature feels her power. She revives, revitalises everything on earth. She invigorates the dried flowers and trees, she adorns the earth and bestows joy of life.

Symbol of love and beauty, Aphrodite offers you a holiday you will not forget.

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