Apollo is son of Zeus and Leto, twin sibling of Artemis. Apollo was blonde, handsome and striking to look at. His wife in mythology is Cassandra. Apollo is the god of music, arts, sun, fire and poetry, the seer god. In addition he can transfer his oracle powers to others. Entertaining the Olympians with his lyre, shooting arrows at far targets, curing patients and teaching the first healers, this master of the silver bow is recorded as the Archer God in Greek poetry. Apollo never lies; he is the god of light and truth. His holy tree is the laurel, his animals are the dolphin, the sparrow hawk, the swan and the crow. Like rays of the sun, arrows of Apollo are both malady and cure. While associated with light, Apollo was not a sun god in his conception. Association of Apollo and Artemis with the sun and the moon has come later, especially finding purchase in Roman era.

With an architecture reminiscent of endless muse of music and art, Apollo provides an enchanting ambiance.

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