Artemisia who is daughter of Zeus and Leto is also known as Phoebe. She is twin sister of Apollon. Beautiful and solemn Artemisia is goddess of wild nature, hunting and moon. Artemisia is a beautiful, serious-faced, divine virgin with graceful appearance. She symbolizes lightness as goddess of pure light. According to Hyginus, Artemisia has never loved any man. However, one day she met with hunter Orion with giant body and she liked him. When she starts to spend time with Orion, Apollon is jealous of his sister and he waits for an opportunity to get rid of Orion. Apollon who sees everything in the World sees that Orion enters to the sea and he makes a plan. He tells Artemisia in the sea that she cannot shoot that object which seems in the horizon.

Artemisia who becomes furious targets and shoots the object which seems in the horizon via her arrow. Later, she becomes too sad when she understands that the thing which was swimming was Orion that she shot. Zeus who sees his daughter status and becomes upset makes Orion a star cluster that sparkle continuously in sky and thus he decreases Artemisia’s pain to some extent. As a result, there is love of Artemisia back of Orion star cluster that sparkles in sky. Listen to the magical story of Artemisia, goddess of pure light who symbolizes liveliness of nature and is known for her temples light from us.

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