In Greek mythology Athena is the goddess of intelligence, art, strategy, muse and peace. In Roman mythology she is called as Minerva. Her father is Zeus, king of gods, and her mother is goddess Metis, the first wife of Zeus. Symbols of Athena are the spear for war, the olive branch for peace, and the owl for wisdom. Athena is also the chief goddess and protector of the City of Athens, which is named in her honour. Athena and the characteristics she symbolises are found in similar forms in many cultures. Athena also has come to aid of Akhas in the Trojan War, helping them in building the famous wooden horse. Athena carries a special shield. This shield is known as the Aegis. On this shield the head of Medusa is pictured, along with other ornaments. Even the strongest armies are routed against this shield. As the favourite daughter of Zeus, she is the only one who can use his lightning bolts.


Our room inspired by the power and brilliance of Athena, goddess of peace and muse, waits for our guests.

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