Demeter who is the daughter of Kronos and Rheia is from the first god generation. She is the goddess of agriculture, fruitfulness, seasons and mother love in Greek mythology. In epics of Homeros, Demeter is mentioned as “queen with beautiful hair” or “Demeter with beautiful hair in plaits. Demeter is shown as a beautiful woman with nice glance, blond hair in her sculptures. She holds a wheatear in her right hand and a burning firebrand in her left hand. Former farmers observed that plants and animals were born, raised and died and in the following spring new animals and plants which are similar to them are reborn. People worship Demeter who will provide fruitfulness of their lands and themselves in order to assure societies for ages. Demeter was the one who taught people to plow soil. She symbolizes crops especially wheat. It is rumored that Zeus, God of Gods, made his fourth marriage with her. The best known child of Demeter from this marriage is Persephone, beautiful and sad goddess of earth and underground.


Demeter that you will feel the heat of fruitfulness, nature and soil will be the first station of your inner journey.

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