While it is mentioned that Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele, it is shown in some sources that he is the son of Zeus and Persephone or Zeus and Demeter. Dionysus not only symbolizes intoxicant of the wine but also symbolizes social and useful effects. He is supporter of civilization and lover of peace.
He dies and reborn such as vine tree which is his symbol and he goes and returns between two points of pleasure and pain. Therefore, he represents mood in psychiatry. It is claimed that the cult of Dionysus also affected the religion of Christianity. Dionysus is also known as god of vine-harvest. The foundation of theatre is laid in the vine-harvest festivals which is organized on behalf of him. Dionysus, whose all legends are based upon reaction and resistance, is a god against Hellene pantheon. Welcome to the distinctive world of Dionysus lover of peace, god of wine who is subject of Greek tragedies…

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