Hephaistos is the son of Zeus and Hera and husband of Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Hephaistos is the god of fires who engages in forging craft and produces armors for gods and heroes. The magnificent palaces in Olympus were built by him. He made the best weapons for gods and heroes. Even though he is known as the son of Zeus and Hera, when Zeus’s mother Rheia was pregnant, she was scared to give birth of a child who is more powerful than herself so she swallowed him and as a result of this she gave birth of Athena from her head, therefore it is rumored that Hera gave birth of Hephaistos lonely.

Hephaistos is accepted as father and protector of occupations with Athena by the craftsmen. He protects agriculture, civilization and urban life. Hephaistos, one of Anatolian-rooted gods, is respected as a dormant volcano, later it is believed that he works within volcanos. Hephaistos, who ignores the word “Give up”, makes struggle a source of life, is the source of inspiration of rebirth.

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