In Greek mythology Hera is the wife and sister of Zeus. She was known as Juno in Rome. Her father was Cronos the Titan and her mother was Rhea. She holds the title of Queen among the Gods of Olympus and she is also known as the Goddess of Marriage. According to the old belief, she is the protector of women giving birth and matrimony. In mythology she is defined as the strongest, the most courageous and the most beautiful goddess immediately after Aphrodite. She also known as the calf eyed, marble armed Hera. In fact, despite knowing she is only second to Aphrodite in beauty, Hera has always rejected the men falling in love with her and devoted herself only to Zeus.

Her symbols include the pomegranate, the lily, the cow, the scorpion and most prominently the peacock. She is a very jealous and vengeful goddess. She works by a certain order. Of affairs of Zeus, she has maddened Maia, turned Lamia into a monster, trapped Semele, delayed childbirth of Alkmene, hounded and made life miserable for Leto, turned Callisto into a bear, and unleashed horseflies on Io. She bears a great grudge against Trojans for not choosing her as the most beautiful goddess. Zeus is punished by Hera many times for his unfaithfulness. Hera has greater dominance than Zeus and has a large effect on important decisions of Zeus.

A homely, warm ambiance where you can feel the protective power of Hera, the most powerful, most courageous goddess of matrimony…

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