Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia. He is also messenger of his father, Zeus at the same time. He is deemed as the craftiest and fastest of the gods. He also carries a magical golden shillelagh named Caduceus. According to the legend, he is so talented, he is able to walk when he was born, he invents lyre made of tortoise shell and he begins to play lyre in an excellent manner. While agile and fast messenger Hermes is a protector of all the athletes, he is the protector of thieves, gamblers and merchants since he is intelligent and craft. One day, Hermes sees Apollon herding cows when he was a baby and he steals most of cows with his craftiness. He takes the cows he stole to a cave. When Apollon finds the cows, he is so surprised. Because it is a baby who did all these. Apollon wants to punish Hermes but Hermes starts to play lyre. Apollon who hears the sound of lyre is impressed and he doesn’t do anything to Hermes. Hermes invented end-blown flute, notes, astronomy, lyre, measurement units and sports. Hermes is considered as representative of masculine factor. He is one of the gods Zeus and Apollon love mostly.

The doors of peaceful holiday that you will live serenity of sweet notes played with golden lyre by Hermes are opened to you.

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