Daughter to Rhea and Cronos, Hestia is the oldest sister of Zeus. Known as the gentlest of the Gods of Olympus, Hestia is the goddess of family. She is not found in any mythological narrative, and there never was a temple dedicated to her in the Ancient Greece. However, the holy fire burning in Olympus and every hearth burning around the world are counted as her sacred ground. In mythology Hestia is the first child of Cronos and Rhea. Like her other siblings, she is eaten by her father, and after defeat of Cronos, she is the last one come out of him. While Apollo and Poseidon wished to be together with her, Hestia wishes to forever remain a virgin from Zeus and Zeus accepts this wish. Finally she leaves the Olympian Twelve, leaving her place to Dionysus. She mixes among humans to have a life. Hestia also symbolised the “metropolis”. Thus, a part of the fire burning in the metropolis was brought to each newly founded city, thus continuing to disperse a part of metropolis to each colony.

Owner of the holy fire of Olympus, symbol of the family, Hestia will remind you the family tightly embracing each other with warm ties.

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