Having given his name to the narcissus flower, Narcissus is born as the son of the river god Kephissos and guardian spirit of cleansing waters Liriope in Greek mythology. A seer tells his parents that Narcissus would live on the earth as long as he does not see his own face. Echo, a very beautiful fairy girl who disregards those who fell in love with her and leave them unheeded, sees a hunter stalking one day. This hunter, named Narcissus, is very handsome. Echo falls in love with him on first sight. However, Narcissus leaves her unheeded, and leaves the fairy girl. Echo languishes, and runs away to live on the mountains on her own. Gods cannot endure the distress of Echo and decide to punish Narcissus. One day Narcissus comes to a spring falling into a pond, and leans over the pond to drink water. At that time, he sees his own face reflected on the water. First, he is astonished, and then he falls into gaze at his reflation in admiration, falling in love with himself. He loves his own semblance more than anything he loved before. He stays right there, unable to drink or eat, starting to pine away day by day, just like Echo, and wears away his life only watching himself. After his death his body transforms into the narcissus flowers. Echo’s voice, on the other hand, turns into the reflections in the mountains, called “echo” after her. It was believed that when someone called over the open vastness, Echo would respond, that would be what is heard in return.

Feel the love Narcissus felt for himself, living the meaning of loving and being loved to the extremes, giving his name to the narcissus flower.

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