Poseidon is son of Cronos and Rheia, and brother of Zeus and Hades. He is the God of seas, earthquakes and horses in Greek mythology. Poseidon is also called as Earth-Devastating or Black-Haired God. His most significant weapon is a fork with three teeth named as Trident, and creates massive earthquakes when he hits his trident. The mischievous character of Poseidon represents the greed and power as well. In mythology, the greed of Poseidon causes the devastation of Atlantis. The reason is the desire to build the most excellent city in the world. He wages war with Gorgon, the God of Darkness and Torture.

Poseidon gets in the coach drawn by sea horses, and creates hurricanes and makes the seas mess. The sailors adjures to Poseidon for a safe and sound voyage. Poseidon devastates the lands having coast by means of his three teeth fork (atribu), and causes massive earthquakes. He lives in a palace at the bottom of ocean together with his wife Amphitrite, the Goddess of Sea. Poseidon shadows forth the serenity and fresh air of seas, in which he rules in your room.

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